Prolab is a company that was founded in 1992. For over 30 years, we have specialized in producing high-quality medical equipment. Our experience and long-term presence in the market allow us to offer products at the highest level. The latest line of equipment that we have introduced to the market are Blood Tube Strippers (BTS) for squeezing blood from drains, and Warmqube, which are chamber warmers for fluids and blankets.

BTS is a device that allows for precise and efficient squeezing of blood from drains. It is suitable for all blood container systems available on the market. It is characterized by high efficiency and intuitive operation. It doesn’t cause fatigue and allows for quick and complete extraction of the contents of the drain. It prevents the formation of blood clots in drains. It streamlines all processes at every stage of the production of blood components. Thanks to the use of modern technology, BTS is safe for donors and medical staff.

The Warmqube line of equipment is designed for heating various types of containers containing infusions, diuretics, anesthetic drugs, neonatal feedings, irrigation fluids, contrast agents and infusion fluids. Additionally, Warmqube is also intended for heating endoscopic optics, medical tools and instruments, as well as liquid or solid products that require elevated temperatures.

The device has been equipped with new features that provide medical staff with additional options. One of the new features is the use of UV-C diodes for disinfecting the interior. Because the device is equipped with UV-C diodes, it is able to effectively combat bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, which increases the safety of patients and medical staff. Another new feature is the additional fan that forces the circulation of hot air. Thanks to the device being equipped with an additional fan, it is able to heat containers faster and more efficiently.

The device is silent and fully tailored to the needs of practically all hospital departments. It has two modes of operation – manual and automatic, which allows you to adjust the work to daily needs or the schedule of planned procedures. The microprocessor-controlled temperature control and regulation system in combination with a large and clear display allows you to control the temperature of the contents from a distance. The compact design provides ergonomics and allows the device to be used even in limited space. Double overheating protection and optical and sound signaling of the drawer not closing allow for very high temperature stability of the heated contents at a level of +/- 0.2ºC.

The main purpose of Warmqube is mainly operating rooms, emergency departments, reception rooms, intensive care units, anesthesiology and intensive therapy, urology, oncology, neurosurgery and neurology departments.

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